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2023 Precepts Ceremony August 26, Saturday


2023 Precepts Ceremony

August 26, Saturday

Taking the five precepts means recognizing the importance of practicing, and making it part of your everyday life. It means joining a family of other people who have made the same decision, practicing with them when you can. If you live near a Zen center, you can frequently join others in formal meditation and will find great support practicing within a community of other Zen students. If you live at a distance from a Zen center, you will find it helpful to come to intensive retreats periodically.

*August 26, Saturday Please arrive at Mu Sang Sa 3 pm

*Orientation 2:00 PM *Please arrive by 1PM

*Location :2nd Fl. Meditation Hall, Zen Hall Bldg, Musangsa

*Ceremony Fee : 5Precepts-50,000원(Includes cost of small Kasa)

*Deadline for Application : August 21, 2023

*People who have sat 3days or more of retreat at Musangsa

*Application received :Musangsa office or

We will let you know if you may take precepts,

after we have received your application

Information of Precepts


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