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The ultimate purpose of Zen practice is to realize the true nature of life and death, and to find the correct direction for human life. Through this practice, you can get mental clarity and wisdom that will benefit your everyday life, and help others and society with compassion.

What you SHOULDN’T expect from this practice

Some people have wrong expectations and/or fantasies when they participate in Zen programs, and retreats. Please quickly review the following to see if they match your expectations of correct Zen.

  • Zen is not a ceremony based on blind faith; nor should it be considered a means to gain some merit.
  • Zen is not intellectual and/or philosophical entertainment. Zen practice does not help you to improve on such skills.
  • Zen programs are not an opportunity to have some fun away from work, socializing with others.
  • Zen is not a means to run away from life.
  • Zen is not a cure-all for serious mental health issues. We have seen lots of people participating in Zen retreats, hoping for their conditions to improve. If you already have mental health issues that require treatment, we are sorry to say that we do not recommend Zen as a treatment. For those who have had psychiatric treatments before, practicing Zen may even complicate their previous treatments.

Chu Seok Retreat

What is the Chu Seok Retreat?
Every year, during the Chuseok holiday, Musangsa holds the Chu Seok Zen meditation program for 2 to 4 days. This program is open to all, including those who have no experience in Zen meditation.
The one-day schedule for Chuseok retreat consists of 108 bows, sitting meditation, chanting meditation, kong An interview and working practice (working together). You will practice with Musangsa’s multinational monks, as well as Korean and foreign lay practitioners.
For those who have not yet participated in the Summer or Winter retreat, participating in the Chu Seok retreat can be a good experience for when they participate in a retreat in the future

Chu Seok Retreat Information

2024 Chu Seok Retreat (in Person)

September 15 (Sun) – 17 (Tue)

3-day Zen retreat that is held at Musangsa in-person during the annual Chu Seok holidays.

All programs are in English (Korean translation is available)

  • Retreat Information
  1. Retreat entry : September 15 (Sun)1:00 PM 
  2. Orientation for inexperienced participants: September 15 (Sun)1:30 PM 
  3. Retreat exit :12:00 PM, September 17 (Tue)
  4. Retreat fee : 200,000 KRW
  5. Please find the online application form on the Musangsa website or Facebook, complete and submit it by September 9 (Mon).

For more information about the Chu Seok Retreat please contact the Musangsa office or email:

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