Program & Training


Seung Sahn International zen center Musangsa is open to
anybody who seeks true meaning of life and its direction
disregarding race, religion, nationality and
age. Musangsa walks together with you on the
Boddhisattva path. Through practicing with us, you will be
able to find your true self and help your neighbors, society
and whole world with your compassionate mind.

善 惡 元 無 性
聖 凡 是 虛 名
門 前 寂 光 土
春 來 草 自 生

Good and bad have no self nature
Holy and unholy are empty names
In front of the door is the land of brightness and stillness
Spring comes, the grass grows by itself


Normally at Musangsa, the Five Precepts Ceremony for laypeople is held once a year. It is held usually on the day the summer and winter retreat ends, or a day or two before. The exact date can be found on Musangsa website, Facebook and Instagram, one month prior to the ceremony.
Please refer to attachment for more details.

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