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Seung Sahn International zen center Musangsa is open to
anybody who seeks true meaning of life and its direction
disregarding race, religion, nationality and
age. Musangsa walks together with you on the
Boddhisattva path. Through practicing with us, you will be
able to find your true self and help your neighbors, society
and whole world with your compassionate mind.


Musangsa Templestay offers a cultural immersion program where participants can experience meditation and culture amidst the serene beauty of a harmonious temple in nature.

Are you seeking time to reflect in the tranquil surroundings of a temple?

♣ Take a break from your busy life and find your true self at Templestay.

♣ Wake up to the sound of chanting and the striking of the temple bell with the dawn at the meditation hall.

♣ Engage in the challenge of the 108-bow practice to unify body and mind.

♣ Reflect on past actions and find inner peace and the right direction in life during evening chanting.

♣ Discover the true meaning of life by exploring your inner self through meditation and introspection.


Program Details:

  • Participants will practice alongside monks from various countries around the world.
  • The program is conducted in both Korean and English. (Simultaneous interpretation provided)

2024 Spring Templestay Scheduled dates 

March April May
Sat 9th – Sun 10th Sat 13th – Sun 14th Sat 4th – Sun 5th
Sat 23rd – Sun 24th Sat 27th – Sun 28th

Not available

Summer Meditation Retreat


Temple Arrival: Please arrive promptly at 2pm for orientation. If you happen to arrive a bit early, feel free to wait at the Musangsa Temple Office.

Conclusion of Temple Stay: Your temple stay will conclude at 12:00 PM the following day (Sunday). We welcome you to join our Sunday Zen Cafe, held from 1:30 pm to 2:30 pm, where you can unwind and reflect.

Participation Fee:

  • 50,000 won for the general public
  • 30,000 won for full-time students


※ Notice ※

If this is your first time participating in the Musangsa Templestay Program, you are welcome to join us on the scheduled entry weekends mentioned above.

If you have previously taken part in a Musangsa Templestay program or retreat, you have the flexibility to apply for Templestay on any weekend or weekday. Please indicate in your application that you have previously participated in a program at Musangsa and provide the dates of your previous visit.

Regardless of whether it’s your first time or a return visit, it’s essential to contact the Temple in advance, at least one week prior, to seek permission. Additionally, all participants must adhere to the Musangsa Daily Practice.

Please ensure to submit your application at least one week in advance.

❖ Things to bring ❖

  • Clothes according to weather (Personal t-shirts, underwear, sweater, hat, etc.)

  • Raingear or outerwear
- Socks (Socks must be worn in public places such as Buddha Hall, Meditation Hall, and dining room)
  • Good walking shoes and water bottle if you intend to do some hiking
- Personal towel and toiletries
- Personal prescription medications.

❖ Temple will provide ❖

  • Bedding and blankets

  • Templestay clothing (vest and trousers)
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