Musangsa 2023년 01월 20일

DaeJeon Int'l Meditation Center Beginners' Class

We welcome all of you to our morning and afternoon Zen practice. There’s no need to sign up.
Anyone can participate in the 1st week of Beginners’ Class, but you need to register for the 2nd~4th week of Beginners’ Class to join.

Beginners’ Class – 4 Weeks Schedule

  • 1 week – Why do we sit? (Registered participants)
  • 2 week – Why do we bow? (Registered participants)
  • 3 week – Why do we chanting? (Registered participants)
  • 4 week – Seon Yu & Meditation (Registered participants)

If you would like to participate in Beginners’ Class or a one-day meditation retreat, please contact Musangsa office.

phone:  +82 42 841 6084

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