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I Have No Time To Practice by Zen Master Su Bong

I Have No Time To Practice 

by Zen Master Su Bong 

At a dharma talk, a student once asked Zen Master Su Bong: his friend wants to come to the Zen center to practice but he has no time, because he has a family, he has a job, he does volunteer work and he has to attend the functions of his company. What can he do?

 Su Bong Zen Master said: “A Zen-style answer means put it all down, that’s all. ‘I am this, this, this. I want this, this, this… but I cannot this, this, this…what shall I do?’ That’s not necessary. Put it all down and what? Just do it. Without checking: ‘Should I be doing this or this? Which one is more important? Why do I have this problem?…’ Then, when you are doing something and just do it, you would have time for everything. If you think a lot, ‘I do my job but should I be doing something else?’ Then your job, everything, takes twice as long.”

“You all understand by your experience, without me telling you, how much time you waste wondering should I be doing this or that or I have this karma… But if you just do it, it would all be finished. There would be no extra baggage. That name is meticulous and complete. That is the true way. So I said put it all down, put down your checking mind.”

 “Many of our teachers don’t have time. They are laymen just like you. They have jobs, they have families and they must work very hard to make everything come together. But they only try. Moment-to-moment what is in front of them – work, family, meditation, they do it! So they got it. So do it mind is very necessary. You cannot get anything with excuse mind.”

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